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Hydropolitics Academy Report: Energy generation starts within three months at Ilisu Dam

20 Jan.2020 

While the impounding process is ongoing at the Ilisu dam, the experts of the  Hydropolitics Academy Center  studied on the filling period and  the probable energy production date  of the dam.
The report includes the following explanation about the reason for this report.

During the impoundment of reservoirs of large dams on transboundary rivers, the flow released to downstream is considerably reduced, so this issue is important in hydro political relations between riparian states. The Hydropolitic Academy (HPA) has carried out a study on the information and official explanations obtained to prevent the speculation that may take place in Ilısu Dam until the reservoir is filled and the water is released tor the Tigris River.

In this study, Firstly ,Hydrological Conditions in the Dam Area, Operation of the Reservoir, Changes in the Water Level Downstream published by the Environmental Group of the ILISU CONSORTIUM has been reviewed. This report includes different models about the assessment of filling time of the reservoir with different scenarios.

In this study carried out by HPA, the most suitable one of these scenarios for the period when the impoundment in Ilısu started, agricultural irrigation and meteorological conditions was determined. Based on this scenario and model, the impoundment period of the Ilisu Dam reservoir and possible energy generation date were estimated.

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