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“ Food Security” Towards to Center of Security Concept !

During the Cold War period, the national security concept , which was generally based on national security and deterrence measures, was changed in the 21st century . Individual security, water, food, energy and environmental security issues are ıncludued in the concept. Among these security concepts, water and energy security is mentioned more, but the concept of “new food geopolitics and food security that has emerged in the past 25 years stands out.
The relationship between the development and food security has become more and more decisive since the beginning of 21st Century. This has led to the emergence of a new food geopolitics in the world. In the last 20 years, some countries have started to rent large amounts of land from certain countries .In this article we aim to identify increasing importance of food security
Keywords: Food Security,Climate Change ,
Climate change, population growth, change in consumption patterns and the increase in demand for renewable energy sources (such as biofuels) also affect land grabing demand for investors . The increase of global demand , especially in food, animal feed and biofuel, is the reason for long-term leasing or buying of large agricultural lands in less developed countries.
In fact, one of the main reasons for these large land rental and acquisitions is taking measures to dominate the world food market, which will be tightened by the effect of climate change.
Classical security paradigm has shifted to Water Food, Energy and Environmental security areas since the beginning of 21st Century. Therefore, especially in the developed countries' efforts to provide security in these areas have started to increase.


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