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HPA President Yıldız: This innovative  water program can create a regional  attraction

New Msc. program at İYTE İzmir is innovative  water politics science and technology  based


HPA President Yıldız: This innovative  water program can create a regional  attraction

May 25, 2020


The newly established International Water Resources Department at İzmir Institute of Technology started enrolling in the master of science program for the 2020-2021 academic year. This education held at some universities and institutes, especially in developed countries. This education and training programs have become more important due to the increasing climate change in recent years and the increasing political tension in some regions.


Status of institutions providing similar education


Similar education in Turkey was realized by Hydropolitical and Strategical Research Center at Hacettepe University based in Ankara  This Master's education program lasted for about 8 years, yielded many graduates, and then ended in 2005 with the closure of the Research Center.

The Water Management Institute established in 2010 within the body of Ankara University. The mission of the institute is  “To cooperate with relevant institutions by focusing on water use efficiency in the management of our country's water resources; conducting research and development activities on agriculture, industry and urban water management; to produce policies and play a leading role for effective management of water. ”

 In this institute, students were accepted to the "Water Policies and Safety" MSc program in the 2015-2016 academic year, and to the "Integrated Water Management" Msc. in the 2018-2019 academic year.


The new one  will be a Multidisciplinary and Innovative International  Water Education


In the 2020-2021 academic year, admission has started in the International Water Resources Department of the Izmir Institute of Technology. The Department of International Water Resources offers a Master of Science program. Students who graduate from the program will receive a Master of Science degree in International Water Resources. 

Head of Department Prof. Dr.Alper BABA stated that there are already applications from abroad for the master of science program, Alper Baba said that this department aims to carry out innovative research, to provide world-class education and to do the necessary scientific studies in the field of water and international water management.

In the statement he underlined that, human beings can stay hungry but cannot be dehydrated. He continued  "Water is the most important subject to be scientifically investigated. The behavior of water, its mechanism of action, and its impact need to be seriously examined. Engineering faculty, architecture faculty, science faculty law faculty, and business faculty students will be accepted to the department we opened”

Prof. Dr. Alper BABA  made the following order for the main study areas of the department.

• Sustainable development and technology of water resources

• International water policies

• The relationship of water resources with the ecosystem

• Water chemistry

• Hydraulic engineering

• Hydrogeology

• Hydrology

• Water resources management

• Wastewater engineering

• Coastal engineering

• Transboundary waters

• Water laws



Director of the  Hydropolitics Academy Center  D. Yıldız: This international water program can create a center of attraction on a regional scale.


Dursun Yıldız, former department head of the State Hydraulic Works (DSI) and hydropolitics expert made the following statements regarding this development.

The higher technical and scientific capacity of İzmir Institute of Technology is an issue that is accepted by everyone. In this university,  The International water department, which was opened with the efforts of Prof.Dr. Alper BABA and its team will be carried out with a multidisciplinary-innovative and world-class approach. The system approach will also be used for education. This is a very visionary start

Not only Turkey but also the regional countries need the program addressing such a wide range of angles. As the Hydropolitic Academy, we have been supporting this development from the very beginning. We will continue our contribution and support.

Considering Turkey's hydro-geopolitics, this program can create a center of attraction in the area of ​​International Water Policy. The program also has Ph.D. education and UNESCO relationship goals. I congratulate everyone who contributed to this  visioner and world-wide valuable program


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