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Hydropolitics Association is a partner of the Kura-Araks River Basin Youth for Water and Peace Project


Youth for Water and Peace project is the first joint initiative for peace building through water between youth of Kura-Araks river basin, because nature does not have boundaries, and environmentally conscious societies and cooperative attitudes are key to solving global problems and re-build peace between the nations. 


The goal of the project

Develop long-lasting cooperation on sustainable water management and riverecosystem protection between youth of Kura-Araks river basin, from Armenia, Turkey and Georgia, through establishment of “Kura-Araks Youth Network”, and to foster the process of reconciliation through local small-scale initiatives.

Country Water Partnership Armenia, partnering with European Youth Parliament for Water, Oregon State University (tbc), Hydropolitics Association of Turkey, Country Water Partnership of Georgia, Foundation Caucasus Environment, Izolda Matchutadze's Lab (Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Department of Biology) will gather the youth from Armenia, Turkey and Georgia around the principle of Youth for Water and Peace. The Project will focus to:

1.Organize a Workshop on “Connecting Kura-Ara(k)s River Basin Youth for Water and Peace”,

2.Create Kura-Araks Youth Network to ensure establishment of long lasting cooperation between the participants and implementation of local small-scale initiatives.

3.Develop a board game and communication platforms on social media for further activities


Connecting Kura-Araks River Basin Youth for Water and Peace
WORKSHOP : 14-18 July, 2022 - Batumi, Georgia

Agenda of the workshop

1. Lectures by the experts on river and watershed, groundwater, ecosystem conservation, good practices of water management, water diplomacy and negotiation, peace building and youth participation.

2. Study visit to Kolkheti National Park, group tour where the participants will do a joint monitoring of water quality in the Black Sea, with the Earth Echo Water Challenge Test Kits.

3. Role playing simulation game on water conservation, with the roles of different stakeholders. The aim is to practice negotiation skills around a natural resource and understand the needs of different parties.

4. Blue Peace Index (BPI) based Assessment for Kura-Araks River basin, guided and facilitated by the youth of European Youth Parliament for Water.

5. Elaboration of the text of the Common Declaration and launch of the Kura-Araks Youth Network. The Network will promote youth cooperation and will facilitate communication between stakeholders across the borders.

As a result of the Project, the young water professionals from Armenia, Turkey and Georgia will have:

1. Common “Kura-Ara(k)s Youth Network”, with webpage and Bluebook blog, and communication platforms on social media for further engagement of youth, sharing stories, and raise awareness on sustainable water use.

2. Better negotiation skills, and knowledge on water diplomacy, thanks to role playing simulation game and Kura-Ara(k)s river basin assessment with Blue Peace Index. The youth will join to the Blue Peace movement.

3. Board game “Common borders, Common Rivers” translated into the three country languages.

4. Better communication and continuous cooperation between youth from 3 countries which  may contribute to peace building, conflict resolution and may push governments to search for win-win solutions.

5.Awareness raising videos on water and nature conservation.


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