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Temporary Members of HPA

As a member you are entitle to our:


  • HPA quarterly newsletter,and hpa bulletin  giving the latest information pertaining to members on member activities, events, publications  and global water news
  • Special publications



  • Inclusion in HPA’s mail list server, hpa member directory and social networks
  • Posting your comments ,evaluations and  member news on the HPA website and newsletter, to inform the community on your activities.  



  • Staying informed through automatically receiving announcements on upcoming events, such as webinars, seminars, conferences and meetings


 HPA Activities

 Thematic Working Groups & Task Forces

  • The opportunity to apply to be part of our expert Thematic Working Groups (TWG) and Task Forces, to network within a specific discipline and contribute to international projects through HPA

  Already HPA  has a Task Force working on Innovative Water Diplomacy  and another on Circular Economy Concept and Smart Water Management.  Upcoming topics are;

    • Water and Mass Migration
    • Innovative -Adaptive Water Management

21st Century Management Concept -New Paradigms