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IWRA’s XVII World Water Congress- Korea 11-15 May 2020


Cho, Myung Rae

Minister of Environment, The Republic of Korea

It gives me a great honor that IWRA’s XVII World Water Congress will be held in the world’s leading water industry city, Daegu, Republic of Korea, from 11 to 15 May, 2020.

Water is the essence of our life that is vital not only for humans but also for nature.

Throughout history, water investments and management have been crucial contributions to the evolution of human civilization and life. Ensuring safe drinking water also has always been our basic human right.

Water security, accordingly, has been one of the defining challenges of our time. This challenging outlook on water security, with an increased severity in floods and droughts brought about by climate change, is an urgent call for better managing water risks.

Korean government, as part of efforts for resolving those challenges, has driven and settled the integrated water management by applying reasonable and balanced policy in order to leave no one without access to safe drinking water.

Our policy for integrated water management reflects the vision for safe water supply as well as being an innovative water industry powerhouse. Technology advancement derived from the 4th industrial revolution has expanded the scope of water industry as well.

Korean water industry recently has also widened its scope by encompassing smart water management and water related energy sector. In recognition of significant development of water industry development, Korean Ministry of Environment has supported the competent actors in public and private sector for their global expansion.

I sincerely believe that the 17th IWRA World Water Congress will provide the right place for sharing knowledge and experiences accumulated as well as introducing advanced technologies.

I truly hope the results of our sharing and discussion during the congress in 2020 eventually contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
I cordially express my appreciation for your support and participation at the 17th IWRA World Water Congress 2020 in Daegu.




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