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New Security Concept and AnalyticalTransdisciplinary Approaches to Hydro Politics


Dursun YILDIZ, Dogan YILDIZ, Mehmet Samil GUNES 

Sustainable water management in transboundary river basins have gained more importancy related with climate change induced uncertainty that have increased since last 30 years. It is obvious that beside of water shortage, uncertainty also can create more tension between neighbouring countries in near future. Because the current status of governance of transboundary basins shows that 60% of transboundary basins do not have any agreements. One can also see that 80% of existing agreements are bilateral .Beside of this situation many agreements don’t provide for regular data-sharing/ notification. They also don’t establish water allocation&benefit-sharing criteria/processes. They don’t contain dispute prevention/settlement rules and don’t apply to entire river basin / aquifer system, etc. It seems that a new generation of literature will have somehow different  hydropolitics  definition to cover  the new security concept that is differenet than  that of  cold war era security.This will influence the hydro diplomacy concepts in  international relationships in the 21 st Century. In an attempt to help to clarify a new hydro politics concept, the article proposes an analytical- transdisciplinary approach to Hydro Politics Research. But this study does not attempt to have the final say or an exact definition on new hydropolitics concept. The philosphy behind this study is try to identify the hydropolitcs in connection with new world order and new security concept of 21st Century. In this Century Climate change related Water, Energy, Food, Environment security and their interrelations will play more important role for national and regional security issues. 
Index Terms— Analytical Approach, Improved Hydropolitics, New Hydropolitics, New Water Diplomacy, Paradigm Shift, Transdisciplinary Research 

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